Mar 24, 2016

2iC has extended its product set to support 8 and 32 bit microcontrollers from Atmel and Texas Instruments. 2iC won a prestigious Innovate UK grant which was used to create a proof of concept software development kit (SDK) to support the smallest IoT microprocessors on the market. This allows an OEM to quickly make their microcontroller devices compatible with open standards, allowing anyone to easily interface to their product, while also providing innovative new cyber security to protect it from the open internet.

2iC already supports the Lean Services open standard, traditionally used on microprocessor computers running operating systems, such as Windows or Linux. Now the power of the 2iC interoperability products can also interoperate with IoT devices that use microcontrollers. 2iC can now offer integration from the very smallest possible IoT devices to the largest enterprise systems, all with one product range and all using open standards.

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